Friday, March 14, 2014

Six-speed automatic transmission?

      What is a six-speed automatic transmission? Does my car have one? Are they reliable transmissions? These are many of the questions our staff at All-Trans Transmissions Inc. have recently been asked when performing transmission repairs to newer model vehicles.
      "In 2000, the ZF 6HP26 was the first six-speed automatic transmission in a production passenger car. Released by ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 2000, it was manufactured by ZF Getriebe GmbH in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany" (
       A joint effort in 2002 yielded GM and Ford their own versions of a new 6-speed automatic for front-wheel drive vehicles. As a result, the 6T70 transmission was introduced by General Motors and the 6F model by Ford Motor Company. Joint development from competing motor companies is not an uncommon practice. Legally, competing motor companies can design jointly but must manufacture separately. It also reduces costs for each company by hundreds of millions of dollars.
      Chrysler launched their own assault on the automatic transmission arms race in 2007. The 66/68RFE (RWD) and the 62TE (FWD) were designed with the intention of increasing full efficiency and improving performance.  
GM's Rear-Wheel Drive Six-Speed Auto (6L90e)
Chrysler's Rear-Wheel Drive Six-Speed Auto (68RFE)
     As fuel prices have continued fluctuate, engineering of automatic transmission assemblies has progressed at a rapid rate. Many of the companies are now in early production of 10-speed automatic transmission assemblies.  
     These transmissions are a technological dream, but from a repair standpoint, are sure to be an economical nightmare.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Can changing your transmission fluid fix your transmission?

At All-Trans Transmissions Inc. we receive many requests to perform a "service" to automatic transmissions.  A transmission service consists of draining or flushing of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) as well as replacement of the filter.  This is known as a preventative measure which is performed during most other service intervals.  However, most service requests are received after a customer experiences the transmission slipping or a light appears on their dashboard.  By this time a transmission service is too late.

Upon arrival at our transmission shop, which is located on Albe drive in Newark, Delaware, we perform an initial inspection by first running an OBD-II computer scan.  If trouble codes are retrieved, it is necessary to perform repairs to correct the problem.  Our shop will then check your fluid level.  Unlike motor oil, ATF does not burn off and should be at the same level as when it was first filled.  Running low on ATF is never a good thing.  ATF has a three-fold purpose: Lubricant, detergent, and hydraulic.  If your automatic transmission is low on fluid, then the transmission is leaking and is in need of repairs. 

Customers often mistake delayed engagement into reverse or first gears as "slipping." This is not true, it is usually a result of low fluid level or contaminated transmission filters.  Slipping is when a transmission fails to shift at the proper RPM and seems as if the transmission is in neutral.  In either case, a fluid change alone will not fix the problem.  If the filters are contaminated  then components inside the transmission assembly may be showing signs of premature failing.  If a seal is leaking it must be addressed immediately.  Failure to do so can result in permanent damage to the transmission.

So in conclusion, can changing your transmission fluid (ATF) fix your transmission?  In a word, no.  However, it can extend the life of your transmission and can make you aware of any minor repairs that need to be addressed in order to prevent the need to completely rebuild your transmission assembly.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Transmission failure due to restricted radiator

Many automobiles experience radiator restriction. As a result, transmission failure is imminent.  All-Trans Transmissions Inc.  repairs many transmissions that experience overheating.  Here are some photos of automatic transmission parts with major heat damage :

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PO740- Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction

Many Honda and Acura owners encounter problems with their automatic transmission.  The most common malfunction found in a hondamatic transmission is trouble code PO740 Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction.  This code can be retrieved by any OBDII scan tool.  Contrary to popular belief, a transmission code can be stored in the TCM even though a "check engine" light may not be present.
Common symptoms of torque converter malfunctions in Honda or Acura transmissions include a chatter in the drivetrain, whining noise from transmission, and delayed engagement into 1st gear and/or reverse.  Unfortunately, if your vehicle is experiencing this problem than you are showing early signs of torque converter failure.  Once the torque converter clutch lining begins to wear it becomes embedded into the filter, causing a lack of lubrication to the rest of the transmission's components.  Since the design of the transmission does not allow for replacement of the internal filter, most designs normally experience torque converter failure  100,00-150,000 miles. 
Depending on the extent of the damage, a transmission overhaul is highly recommended.  Simply replacing the torque converter may not completely fix the problem.  Another problem you are likely to encounter is 2nd gear clutch pack failure, especially if the filter has become contaminated with debris from the unraveling of the TCC lining.
All-Trans Transmissions Inc. addresses the immediate repairs needed for your transmission assembly as well as any aftermarket updated components available to improve quality and durability.  Sonnax Industries offers updated o-ringed end plug kits #98892 that have proven to be a great fix for hydraulic leaks in the valve body assemblies of Honda and Acura 4-speed and 5-speed automatic transmission assemblies.
Is your transmission slipping???
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